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Centralized place to see my own reply comments to chosts somewhere

I'd like a centralized place to see my own reply comments to chosts somewhere. Sometimes I link something in a comment and want to find the link again and if there wasn't a further reply in my notifications there's no good way of doing that if I don't remember the author of the original chost or someone who reblogged (rechosted?) it.

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Just linking to the other time this was requested (looks like you forgot you'd already posted it)

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it was a thing where I hadn't realized it was in a moderation queue and thought it had just disappeared

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Bumping this in light of the announcement that a way to see all your likes is on the way. I really hope this comes next! There are already several comments I've made and would like to find again, but it's impossible or would require an absurd amount of clicking. (For some reason the linked dupe of this issue isn't accepting comments anymore, despite having more discussion than this one)

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