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Place a checkmark next to your name (does not signify anything)

 Twitter is charging $8/month to put a blue checkmark next to your name, also rendering it functionally meaningless. Cohost plus is only $5/month and it would be just as meaningless. Undercut the competitors by charging $3 less/month for a blue checkmark you can toggle on and off.

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memes aside, generally having an indicator showing who's an active cohost supporter might be kinda neat. could sorta act as a lil advertisement for it too, like "look at how many people are subscribed!"

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I wasn't sure if it was too silly, but I liked the idea of instead of a checkmark, some kind of hat that goes on your pfp. Maybe with multiple hats and an option to turn it off

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Instead of a checkmark make it a little eggbug instead :)

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i love the hats idea. let's make team chortress 2

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Checkmark you can click to turn it into a happy little eggbug

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yeah I was gonna say - something that parodies the blue check, or references the twit fiasco, or just something silly and random

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maybe a little logo of your choice from a drop-down option? like shapes and animals? something that looks distinctly different from emojis

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I know this is comparatively boring to all the great suggestions above, but… maybe a plus?

I mean, it could be a fancy plus…

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natty's idea about it being customizable is good and fun i like that one

Q: thoughts on where this'd be applied - everywhere your name is incl posts, comments etc, a bit like the way the icons work on Twitch so you'll have subscriber icons + a prime icon if you've that connected, or would it be say profile only?

Everyone gets an eggbug toggle, but the size of the eggbug that everyone gets is determined by the total number of people currently subscribed to the eggbug fund

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seasonal & limited-time badges! achievement-based badges that you can earn for free! c r a b.
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forgot to include in my post: these would be better served as one-time purchases like tumblr does with their badge shop
The other Site (tumblr) has it so you can purchase Two pointless checkmarks. Maybe additional customizations for each month of Plus?
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