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Splash messages

One of my favorite things in computer programs that can display text is little randomized splash messages that can appear. Like the bouncing yellow text in Minecraft, the title bar in Terraria, it's a fun, reasonably low effort way to add some flavor to a bit of software.

I propose, adding something like it to the title bar, and randomizing it on site refresh, or maybe making it a daily thing. There should absolutely be an option to disable it, whether people find it annoying or just don't want to engage. (Attached is a mockup of what I'd imagine it looking like, kinda)

The cohost Plus! functionality comes in letting plus subscribers submit/vote on new messages to be added to the random rotation of messages. This could be done through some kind of weekly post, where the most well-received comments (with some level of staff oversight) are added into the pool.

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I think this might be too silly to actually happen but I do enjoy the idea quite a lot

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That's fair - I don't envy the devs, I feel like it's hard to find features that are interesting enough to add as plus benefits without being too gimmicky/silly

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Newgrounds does this! Although it isn't explicitly moderated it's still pretty funny to see. A rotating pool could potentially get stale, so instead have a minimum timer for a splash message to be in use before another one queued up takes its place. It might also be worth doing what newgrounds does too - which is listing the user who submitted the message. That latter part might be prone to turning into an attention-magnet mechanism, so it's understandable if it's not outright implemented.

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