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Invite codes for Plus! subscribers

Before I start I wanted to mention a couple things -

  1. This might clash with the "cohost should not have a cover charge" ideology; if it does, that's ok!
  2. Might not be a good idea to implement with the current flood of new users, moderation wise

Anyway, my idea:

Subscribing to Cohost Plus gives you some invite codes. 

The codes could be given out like a stipend (weekly / monthly / etc), or a flat number. The number would not be very big.

This idea came to me from a few other sites that use similar systems (e.g. Toyhouse Premium gives you 2 invite codes per week while you're subscribed). 

An issue I can foresee is users who subscribe but do not need / use the invite codes could end up with a goofy number of invite codes after a while, so maybe there could be a cap?

Again, emphasis, I feel this might collide with the no-cover-charge philosophy, and that's totally OK, but I wanted to put forth the suggestion for consideration regardless.

Thank you!

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I think this is more viable now that the queue has slowed down- it's not as much of a Wow, Skip The Line! ticket since there's not that much of a line to skip. If you'll be added to the site within a day anyways, then having the invite code just makes it feel like a fun personal invite from your buddy (you could automatically follow each other as a result of the code, maybe?) and doesn't negatively impact anyone else waiting for registration too much. Maybe prevent them from being used during times when the invite queue is long... 

That being said, maybe remove invite codes and any mention of them if you're not going to use them going forwards, because lots of people have been quite confused about them when registering.

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