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More eggbug emojis

There's currently just a single eggbug emoji and it told me it's feeling very lonely in there so he could use some company.

I saw a few eggbug variations on error pages in the past, maybe those could be added as emojis (I especially love the confused one that's a parody of the tuesday again meme)

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Came here to request this. Since the original post, there have been some additions, but they're kind of scant–understandable, since they were created by a user, and asking them to make dozens upon dozens of emojis would certainly be unfair. Communication from staff on how others could submit emojis would also be good. Obviously, there'd have to be, like, some controls to prevent people from flooding staff with emoji requests, but I'm sure that generous users would be more than happy to provide some bugjis. Perhaps the easiest way to limit the amount of submissions would be to only allow Plus! members to submit in the first place, since they are the only ones who can use them AFAIK.

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